Afplat Syrup - Platelet booster syrup to cure Dengue

As the world is already facing COVID-19 pandemic, there is another pandemic which is emerging at speed and also affecting the lives of many, Dengue Fever, it’s an illness which caused by the bite of Aedes Aegypti Mosquito, which not only spreads dengue but also spreads the illnesses

Affpure Vegetable & Fruit Wash | | Removes & Clean Pesticides, Chemicals, Wax & Dirt


Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet. Unfortunately, modern growing techniques often leave a residue of water-resistant insecticides and chemical fertilisers on the surface of your food. Waxes are sometimes applied to enhance appearance, and human handling may also leave its mark,

Big On- An Ayurvedic Formula to Increase the Breast Size Naturally !!

 !! Cheer Up Ladies !!

If you're sad about the shape, Size and nature of your breast then it's the time when we will make you happy again with our Ayurvedic & Natural formula. 

Vitovas Capsules- Ayurvedic Solution to Increase Vigor and Vitality for Male & Female



In daily routine, Hard-work & Stress is very common in our schedule. Cause of this, we are suffering from energy & Harmon’s problem.

Today Ayurveda

AD Baby Oil



AD Baby Oil is a natural blend for growth & Vigor of Babies. It Contains Olive oil & extracts of Natural Herbs.
AD Baby Oil- Gental for Gental Generations

• Rich source of Vitamin A, D, E
• Promotes calcification & ossification of bones



• Nutrient for

Udarsudha Ras- Afflatus Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.


Constipation Problem


If you are suffering from Constipation, It means your bowel movements are tough or happen less often than normal. As it is common problem in today life. So, almost everyone goes through it at some point. Although it’s not usually serious, you’ll