Kamdev Vigor & Vitality Powder

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  • Price: Rs.175
Kamdev powder is a mixture of herbal extract to increase Vigor & Vitality. It is effective to improve Stamina and Energy level for Extra Performance. It helps to increases sprm count & Quality. It helps to increase power & Strength

It helps to increase power & Strength.

• PURE NATURAL FORMULA- 100% Herbal & Natural Ingredients. Just a pure and safe product.

• BENEFITS: This herbal blend may show its benefits by promoting physical and athletic performance and may be also beneficial in dealing with fatigue. It may also help to support the blood vessels, which may boost energy and increase vigor, Passion & vitality. This supplementation with Natural herbs may be useful in improving Desire, Performance, stamina, Energy Level & Physical satisfaction.

• HEALTHYHEY CERTIFICATIONS- A certified company from WHO-GMP, ISO 9001:2015, FSSAI, Halal, Organic, Kosher etc.

• INGREDIENTS- Isbogal, Vidarikand, Gaanjva, Saalam mishri, Stawar, Brahmi, Pipli, Dhaakgond, Beejband, shital chini, laajvanti etc.

• DIRECTIONS- 1 or 2 table spoon twice a day with milk or water or as directed by physician.


Price high

Price high if you want to sold this product online you cut the price into 130 to 140. Because other company give this type of product into 150 less.

Date added: Jan 12 2020